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Dentist in Philippines

Dental Tourism in the Philippines

Exorbitant prices of dental services and prosthetics in highly developed countries have pushed many patients to seek help abroad, often in developing countries in what is termed as “dental tourism”. Patients travel outside their own country to seek treatment in clinics that offer affordable dental treatments. Even taking into account the money spent on transportation, hotel stays, and various incidentals, the total cost of the treatments in the dental tourism destination is still much cheaper compared with those they get at home.

Dentist in Philippines

Is Dental Tourism Safe and Effective?

Thousands of patients travel each year from the US and many European countries to developing countries like the Philippines for dental tourism. Aside from getting their oral problems fixed at much cheaper rates, they also get to enjoy a fun-filled vacation in the country’s beautiful tourist spots. This is the reason why the practice is becoming more popular in the country.

Now, the question is, is it really safe and effective? The answer to that would truly depend on several factors, including what type of procedure the patient requires and the actual clinic from where the procedure is performed.

Let’s take for example a Makati dentist who offers his services for dental tourism, advertising affordable rates and special packages for dental tourists. Now, although that particular dentist may have an excellent reputation, the patient may not be able to get everything he needs with just one visit. This is especially true with more complicated procedures such as surgeries and dental implants. Often, the patient has to come back after a few months for the procedure to be completed.

In such cases, the patient was able to experience safe and effective yet incomplete dental care because of the nature of the procedure, not because of the incompetence of the dentist!
Dentist in Philippines

Where to Go for Treatment?

The Philippines is quickly rising as one of the favorite destinations for dental tourism. Our dentists are highly competent and offer honest, reliable services to patients. Also, Filipino dentists can easily match the level of competence and skill of their foreign counterparts. Moreover, many of the advances in dental technology, including state-of-the-art equipment and new innovations such as dental implants are already being used in the country.

It would actually be quite easy for a foreigner to find a dentist in Makati who offers excellent services, high-quality prosthetic, and great value for his money. Even in other major cities in the country, competent dentists are capable of providing the best oral health care at par with their foreign counterparts.

Still, it is important for anyone who plans a trip abroad for medical and dental reasons to do extensive research. Try to learn more about the country to be visited plus everything you can about the dentist and the clinic where the procedure will be performed. You should also take into consideration the fact that even with the best dentists and the best equipment, something could always go wrong. In seeking treatment in a faraway location, be prepared for the possibility that you might have to go back for additional procedures, entailing increased costs.

Of course, many people have gone to other countries for dental procedure and went back home completely satisfied with the treatment they had received abroad. It really is possible to rapidly solve dental problems at affordable costs while also enjoying a visit to another country, including one as beautiful as the Philippines.


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