Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation

Why You Need Regular Periodontal Evaluation

Periodontal evaluation are important to assess the oral health of a person like the :
• teeth
• gums
• plaque
• bite
• bone structure
• risk factors pertaining to dental health

It helps in getting the right diagnosis for certain gum diseases, periodontitis and gingivitis. It is a very good way to reveal any receding gums, roots that are exposed, teeth that are grinding, etc., which makes the exam vital when one intends to maintain proper oral health care. Dentist in Philippines can readily do such to assess what you needed to do with your teeth or gums to keep them in tip top shape.

Basic Points to Check

In a periodontal evaluation, the dentist will normally check for any lumps or any abnormal area in the mouth. Missing or loose tooth or teeth will also be checked. The color, size, shape and texture of your gums will be examined. If you have any fillings, crowns, dentures, bridges or implants, those will also be noted. How much plaque attached to your teeth will also be measured. Lastly, the depth of the spaces in between tooth and gum will likewise be measured.

Where it Starts

The first stage of periodontal disease starts with gingivitis. It is what causes inflammation of the gums. With dental x-rays, the dentist in Makati will be able to determine how far the inflammation has spread into the supporting structure on the teeth. This way, treatment can be started accordingly to correct the problem. When the gingivitis has not been treated, periodontitis occurs. This is why it is important to undergo periodontal evaluation so that periodontitis can be prevented and gum disease will be put to an end.

What the Periodontal Probe Is

The periodontal probe is a narrow instrument that is used to measure the pockets that surround the tooth. Is is marked with lines in millimeters. Knowing the depth of the pockets will determine how far the periodontal disease has begun. If the count is two to three millimeters only, the situation is considered healthy but if it has gone lower, there is a problem. If there is any bleeding while probing, it is a sign of inflammation, which can also be an indication of bacterial infection. In case the result of the exam is mild, the disease is considered reversible using a rigorous program of flossing and home brushing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it painful?
-The periodontal evaluation does little to no pain at all.

2. How many hours it would take and its intervals?
– Periodontal evaluation could take 30-1hour in every visit and requires no more than 7months for revisit or depending on the dentist’s advice.

3. Is x-ray needed?
-Yes, to see what disease is present which cannot be visible otherwise.

4. How much will it cost?
-It varies from patient to patient. Ask your dentist.

5. Will surgery be needed?
-Not necessarily. If the periodontal evaluation was done while the gum disease is still in its early stage, most probably not.

6. Can teeth be saved?
-With the technological advances in dentistry, most teeth can be saved successfully.

7. What if periodontal treatment was not done?
-Periodontal disease is progressive, though painless, infection. Further delay can cause further bone loss and the more it gets expensive. Natural teeth is still the best.

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