Implant Overdenture

Why Would You Like to Go for Implant Overdentures?

There may be some people you know who are already quite aged not to have dentures of some sot but what strikes you most is, that person does not seem to wear any. It is like nothing has been replaced at all. This is normal for dentist in Philippines to accomplish.

What is an implant overdenture?

implant overdenture makati dentist

An implant overdenture looks like a regular or traditional full denture. It is supported by an implanted post or by the natural root where abutment is attached over the post by threading, or the natural root, by cementing. There is a denture cap at the underside of the denture so that the overdenture can be snapped into place. There can be two or four posts or implants to provide stability. With implant overdentures you can have complete teeth without the hassles of a regular denture.

What benefits can you get when choosing implant overdentures over regular or traditional dentures?

1. Facial contour changes are controlled with implant overdentures. When what you have is a traditional denture, bone structure will change over time and so the denture will no longer fit as how it was meant to. Lose denture will change facial contour that is often unappealing.

2. The joy of having teeth is the ability to chew food and eat without having to worry about the teeth. Implant overdentures are like the real teeth that does not move when eating.

3. Patients with implant overdentures speak clearly than those with mere traditional dentures. Phonetics are pronouced much better.

4. Embarrassment caused by dentures falling off or even slightly moved out of place will be eliminated.

5. There is no need to use denture creams and adhesives, thus, no more mess because they are no longer needed with implant overdentures.

6. The natural roots can also be used to preserve bone which will reduce bone resorption and deterioration dramatically. Jawbone height will going low will be avoided. You can ask your Makati dentist if your roots are still feasible for use.

How are implant overdentures different from the regular or traditional dentures?

1. Physically, the implant overdentures are placed by way of drilling through the bone of your upper or lower jaw so that the posts can be fit in. That is basically how the implanted posts get to be fixed in place. With regular dentures, patient is relying on mere suction. When retention worsen due to bone loss over time, bone support is also lost so loose denture is the result. With loose denture, everything else happens like the joy of eating well no longer exists, the ability to speak clearly is lost, the possibility of denture falling off is great, hence, the frequent embarrassment happens.

2. The price of implant overdentures is much greater than a regular one but, unlike the regular denture, there is no need to have a new fit and replace the old one when it is no longer serving its purpose well. You can ask your dentist in Makati to give you an estimate so that you can compare, but compare with the long term in mind.

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