Mini Implants

What Mini Implants Can Do for You

mini implant in manilaMini implants are the small version of the traditional implants. An implant is generally used to act as the root of the tooth that no longer exists. It is also the post underneath to help make the tooth more permanent beause it does not move. However, mini implants are not recommended for making permanent a single tooth unless having a traditional implant is not feasible like the lack of bone to plant the post (the implant itself) in. You can ask your dentist in Makati for recommendations for your particular situation.

Original Use of Mini Implants

Mini implants were originally used for temporary purposes which is later removed at the end of the treatment. It was meant to for support especially when full mouth reconstruction is being done.

More Than Just Temporary

Later, it was found that there is better use for the mini implants than just the temporary setting. They may not be recommended for the molars due to the strain of the bite but for small teeth in front, mini implants will do. Also, if the patient has less bone than normal, using mini implants became the solution without having to undergo extensive surgery. It involves less drilling and it is quicker to perform. The discomfort is also less, for the patient and the doctor.

Is it Approved by the FDA?

Yes, it is approved by the FDA in the US. It can be used long term, for fixed crowns and bridges and removable upper and lower dentures, whether partial or full. For several years after the long-term approval, the technology has been used by one company only. After the appropriate marketing efforts, the consent was granted for wider spread.
Because of the mini implants, more people who were declined in the past, have been served and opportunity continues to open to others and any Makati dentist in good standing knows about this.

How Does the Mini Implant Differ from the Traditional Implant?

Generally, the size of the mini implant is smaller by about 0.7mm than the traditional implant which ranges from 3.0mm to 3.7mm in diameter. The mini is also a lot cheaper, which is the primary reason why others would choose it over the other. Of course there is a limit as to where it can be used. While the mini can solve the bone loss problem without inflicting pain and stress, the traditional can last longer. The mini is made of solid titanium alloy screw; the traditional is hallow. Two to three minis can equal the strength of one traditional implant

Main Benefits of Mini Implants

1. Full dentures can be removable yet steady because they can be snapped on to the mini implants.

2. Those lacking bone can still have implants than totally without because the traditional is too much, unless surgery is applied.

3. It is a lot cheaper.

4. It is easier to set.

5. Recovery is much faster.

6. One tooth or the whole set can be served.

7. Bone can grow around the mini implant.


Mini implants have been a blessing to many but one cannot just choose to have mini implants over the traditional ones. Talk to dentist in Philippines and weigh your options carefully.

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