Ridge Preservation

How to Maintain Your Smile With Lost Teeth

It is a fact that when you lose a tooth or a set of teeth, smile gets different, often, worse than how it used to be. It does not have to be so. With ridge preservation, a dentist in Makati Metro Manila can very well help you maintain your smile.

Common Reasons Why Tooth is Extracted

There are several reason why tooth extraction is necessary. While many tooth decay cases can be repaired, there are cases which are irreparable, hence, the extraction. A cracked or broken tooth can sometimes be fixed but other times it is better to extract and go for an implant. Other times, reinfected root canal warrants that the tooth be extracted instead. When there is advanced gum disease, it results to bone loss, hence, the extraction, for further repair.

Why the Need to Preserve the Ridge

When a tooth or several teeth are extracted and nothing has been done to preserve the ridge, bone loss will happen over a period of time. When this happens and you decide to have an implant later, it will be more more tedious, more stressful for the patient and the doctor, and more expensive. Any advanced dentist in Philippines know about this that is why it is to the patient’s own benefit that he or she is being given the option to preserve the ridge.

What is Expected from the Ridge Preservation Procedure?

Before any procedure, the dentist will explain the process so the patient knows what to expect. It also gives the feeling of being assured that what is going to happen is for the overall good of his or her aesthetic beauty. That may mean overcoming the fear of needles, which is the most common fear when going to a dentist for tooth extraction. With the process and the end result in mind, and having accepted it as necessary, everything else gets relaxing.

1. The surgical site will be injected with local anesthesia to keep the patient calm, painless and relaxed.

2. The tooth is extracted carefully so that the surrounding bone is not disturbed.

3. Before adding the grafting materials, a protective membrane is placed.

4. The grafting part is inserted and stabilized by stitching.

5. Patient will wait 3-5 months to heal.

Where the Grafted Bone Comes From

For many years, there had to be a need to get part of the patient’s jaw or body to produce the part to be grafted but that will not only require another surgery, it is also more expensive and stressful. Today, grafting materials have been created out of refined bone particles through a propriety process which assures the highest standard when it comes to safety and quality for over 35 years now.


Extracting teeth and just letting the gums heal is often what most people are doing. It results to future distortion of the face overall. If you care to maintain your natural smile but have to undergo tooth extraction, make sure to have your ridge preserved. It is less stressful, less tedious and cheaper. Set an appointment with your Makati dentist.

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