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Smile Makeover

Everyone wanted to have a perfect smile, or at least one that is beautiful. One that the person giving the smile away will not in any way be intimidated by others because of a particular imperfection, regardless if it was inborn, accidental or self-incriminating due to actions later regreted. A smile makeover is the process or series of procedures done to result to what will result to a beautiful smile. The more imperfections, possibly the more procedures to be done. It used to be a mere acceptance of what you look like but through the development and improvement of dental cosmetics, the chance to look better is possible.

There are four main areas that has something to do with smile makeover. Just one or all four can be done to attain the desired smile.

1. Missing tooth/teeth can be overlooked if the lack happens to be inside. But then, a missing molar makes it difficult to chew, hence, dentures replace those missing molars. When the gap is clearly seen, though, because the missing tooth can be clearly noticed from the front, people tend to notice what is lacking than the rest that exist. This can be done by implants, crowns and bridges. That way, the remaining teeth will not have to move and loosen from each other, which makes matters worse, because the gap has been filled.

2. Shaping the tooth/teeth is another way to improve the look. Whether it is the particular tooth that needs shaping or the general appearance of the collection of teeth, dentists can do something to make you look appealing yet at the same time making sure that your bite functions well.

3. Over the years, depending on your vices and habits, teeth changes color from sparkling white to yellow to brown. What we drink can change the color of our teeth. Drinks like coffee, tea and soda are primary culprits among the ingested items that stain the teeth. Smoking is another teeth stainer. Whitening can be done by dentists but if the patient does the same habits continually then it is likely that the visit to the dentist to have another color change is more likely to happen.

4. Facial rejuvination is what you need if you wanted your lips enlarged or make thinner to remodel the shape, or straighten out those wrinkles to look younger. People undergo such either for the sake of simple vanity or there really has the need because of unnecessary stress.

All of the above are part of the smile makeover. Sometimes undergoing to such treatments are not just for the sake of making one’s self appealing. Sometimes there is the need to change physical identity to avoid something that can be dangerous or even fatal like being a witness to some crime, thus, changing dental records. Other times the call to undergo such is due to an accident. Whatever your purpose is, you should be able to find the right dentist to be able to serve you.

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