Tooth Fractures

Dental Trauma or Tooth Fracture: Cracked Teeth

Trauma to the face that affects one or more of the teeth can be caused by vehicular accidents, falls and other sports-related injuries. It may not be life-threatening but it makes living a little more difficult, unless the teeth injury is just minor compared with the major injury of the head, then it can be life-threatening. A skilled Makati dentist can tell the extent of the damage.

Tooth Fracture dentist in manila

Extent of Damage for Fracture Classification

1. Ellis I is enamel-deep. There may be minor chipping with rough edges.

2. Ellis II involves dentin in addition to enamel. There may be pain when merely touched or sensitive to wind or air blown. Those 12 and below has a greater chance of infection than those older because of the larger pulp size and shorter dentin distance for the infection to travel.

3. Ellis III kind of fracture involve the enamel, dentin and pulp. The pain exists with manipulation, air and temperature. The center of of the tooth may have the pulp exposed.

4. Root fracture are not easy to diagnose clinically. Patients may complain about abnormal mobility as well as sensitive percussion of the tooth.

5. Dentoalveolar fracture may make patients complain about misalignment and mobility with a group of teeth.

Treatment & Management for Each Fracture Classification

1. Ellis I: The care is not urgent and can be repaired cosmetically at the patient’s convenience. It will only take smoothing of rough edges with a dental drill or using an emery board.

2. Ellis II: The affected tooth requires absolute dryness for adherance of zinc oxide or calcium hydroxide paste. Patients under 12 should not wait long to prevent infection.

3. Ellis III: Due to the bleeding and moisture that is produced by this kind of fracture, it makes the adherance of zinc oxide or calcium hydroxide to adhere to the tooth. Dental foil is needed to help with the process. With this kind of fracture, get dentist in Philippines for immediate care.

4. Root and dentoalveolar kinds of fracture require a dentist to put splinting for several weeks.

5. Bone wax, a combination of beeswax and isopropyl palmitate, is not recommended for dental fractures that are open to avoid inflammatory reactions of surrounding soft tissues like the pulp.

How to Minimize Fractured or Cracked Teeth

Most people never plan to fall and slam their teeth to fracture or crack their teeth. However, accidents do happen and the chances are greater for those who are into rough sports. It is wise to use a mouth guard which is a rubber device that is inexpensive. They are available in most sporting goods store or you can ask your dentist.


If you are into extreme or rough sports, it is better to be on the side of prevention and wear a protective mouthpiece to minimize the possible chance of getting fractured or cracked tooth. If not, and you experience any of the above mentioned fracture classification, go to your dentist in Makati as soon as possible, immediately if a child with Ellis II, anyone with Ellis III, root, or dentoalveolar fracture.

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