Tooth Replacement Options

When Permanent Teeth are Gone

There are many reasons why a tooth or several teeth are lost. Some are lost due to decay but other cases may have been caused by accidents or fights. As soon as possible, replacement is worked on, either for function’s sake or mere beauty. If you lost a front tooth and you are applying for a job that handles meeting with people, do you think you will be considered if there are others whose smiles are magnetic enough to cause people to listen? If what you lost is a molar, do you think you can enjoy eating as much as when you had that molar?

So what tooth replacement options can you take? It depends on what you need: bridge, implant, or denture.


Dental Bridges Dentist Makati

If you have a tooth, or several, missing along the same jaw, the gaps will be filled with fake ones. They can be made of porcelain, silver or gold, if you so wish, then these pieces will be held in place at each end by caps. The caps also look like the particular tooth that will be capped. The tooth underneath will be shaped so that when the tooth cap is placed, it is as if the cap is the real tooth. The bridge is a series of teeth-looking pieces attached to each other with both ends holding the prosthesis in place. The teeth that will hold the bridge on both ends must be good enough to support the bridge.


Dental Implants Philippines

Implants are the most modern way to replace missing teeth. They are permanent and looks closest to the real thing. The concept is, a post is inserted where the tooth left off and this post acts as the root to hold the dummy tooth. It is the most stable among all the options. It looks natural as the gum line stays where it is supposed to be. Biting is as normal as it can be. The best in terms of function and aesthetics.


Dentures is the most common and the least that can cause pain because once the fit has been done, it is worn like an accessory. It is temporary and it can loosen over time, then you have to get a new fitting. If you decide to use dentures when implants are recommended, you will have to live by the daily routine of taking off the set every time you brush your teeth. Aesthetically, dentures are always seen as fake teeth. It may be cheaper than implants but if you have to change every 2-5 years, you really have weigh your options. Also, eating is less enjoyable with dentures.


Missing a tooth or several teeth is no longer a problem when you can go to a dentist in Philippines to help you get toothed once again. Having the look of complete dental set not only gives you the edge when it comes to applying for a job, closing a sale or getting people to notice your magnetic smile. It also boosts your self confidence, makes you enjoy food and makes you live life the way it should be: with a positive outlook. Whether dentures, bridges or implants, the choice is yours.

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