How Can Teeth Get Whiter?

The idea of having pearly white teeth has been ingrained in our psyche by way of movies, especially those from Hollywood. The whiter, the better. Back in the olden days, though, it seemed that it did not matter. Well, Hollywood did not exist then. It has become a concern today because it seemed that the less that the teeth are white could mean that the lazier the owner brushed. Not wanting for the ego to be struck low, people go to have one of those cosmetic dentistry procedures called teeth bleaching or teeth whitening.

What causes the tooth stain or discoloration, in the first place? First, the age has something to do with it. New teeth (milk teeth) that just came out from the baby are lighter in color than old teeth. As we age, teeth become more darker because of the changes in the tooth’s mineral structure. Bacterial pigments can cause stains. Certain foods and drinks also like those rich in carotenoids or xanthonoids, coffee, tea, wine and especially dark soda. Understanding the causes of stained teeth can help in deciding what to do to help get them whiter again.

So how can you make your teeth whiter? There are several ways and each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. The healthy way, the home remedy way, and the dental clinic way.

The healthy way has something to do with what you eat. If you eat apples, celery and carrots by biting and chewing them, making all your teeth bite and gnaw on the natural food, you will produce more saliva, which is a natural self-cleaning agent. The chance of getting halitosis is rare because of the bad bacteria being killed, if you do this often, giving you fresh breath. These natural teeth whiteners are also best without the use of any knife. Bite off instead, and eat the peel too. Not only will your teeth whiten, your digestive system will be cleansed too. Another natural way is to use the malic acid from the pulp of crushed strawberries and let it stay on your teeth for at least five minutes then you can floss out the pulp after. No side effects. It takes quite some time before you can see the effect.

The home remedy way(not advisable)  is making use of one part of baking soda mixed with two parts of hydrogen peroxide (commonly known as agua oxihenada in the Philippines, which is also used to blonde hair because of its whitening characteristic). Brush teeth with that solution once a week. Overbleaching can cause sensitive teeth because the enamel gets thinner so be careful when using this method. Cheap but risky if used more than enough and it may cause bum burns.

There are at least two options for the dental clinic way.

(1)One is by using halogen light for the external option, we recommend Zoom Whitening, for its outstanding and best result ever compared to other system.

(2)The internal bleaching, done as root canal or endodontic treatment is performed, hole drilled, peroxide gel or sodium perborate tetrahydrate stored in, capped and the whitening happens from within the tooth. This is also called the “walking bleach” technique.

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